About Us

Our restaurant 1989. September we opened it on 1 as a family undertaking with 3 head teams and 20 square metre guest spaces Édenkert Büfé snack bar with a name.

Then guests Capacity for 16 people + 16 people was a summer terrace.

Initially the bulk of the income from sales the transient workers, and the drink traffics of the buses according to the timetable amounted to it. A menu was not at our disposal yet in this time, it was visible on a blackboard just it daily offer. The greatness of the kitchen was modest one with a greatness of 12 square metres according to the claims.

From a month onto a month the claim grew into the direction of the food consumption and with this proportionally for the seats.

The bigger place because of a claim in 1992 all the kitchen, the restaurant all went through extension though, with which one 40 cook already + onto the reception of 20 head terraces there was an opportunity.

The guests were transformed slowly nicely due to the increase of the quality with a tall degree and the restaurant’s modernisation.

We developed desktop serving with the staff’s extension and we prepared a menu suiting the business’s standard naturally with enlarging the food choice.

This time as “Paradise Inn” were running.

With the guest community’s increase and the programs with a bigger staff number (wedding parties, balls.) his effect in 1996 we built 60 head banquet-halls, which one can be opened with the halls until now, we preserved the export of the old beam hall, the new part though already then one not smoking, we developed it as a somewhat more exclusive locality.

The kitchen is 35 square meters has also expanded. The area transit companies and the foreign guests wish to have created a 7-bedroom motel rooms over the part, which is a closed, partially covered parking area was also constructed.

We changed our name at this time which one Paradise Inn and Tavern.

The motel received a full renovation in 2001, the rooms were air-conditioned ones, full self-contained ones.

We introduced it in 2004 on the time of the union accession HACCP food safety system the pots and the ovens concerned refrigerators onto stainless steel his happening exchange together.

In 2005, wireless Internet deployment took place by both the restaurant and the hotel guests free of charge.

2009th On 1 September we were 20 years old with certain foods and drinks in honor of 20 years ago, prices were available.

Our restaurant 16 of his head teams make an effort currently day, than day that let us accomplish our guests’ wishes maximum!